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Finally! Screw Cupid recognizes how valuable it can be for women to make the first move, and teaches them how to do it. A quote by Dorian Solot, author of I Love Female Orgasm
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Initiate conversation with any guy, anytime, anywhere — easily and naturally — and have fun doing it.

  • How not to pick up your Hot Guy
  • What really happens when you hit on someone, and the secret you can’t afford to live without.
  • 5 techniques to build skills and confidence
  • The “Good Guys” are everywhere
  • 68 places you haven’t thought of yet to meet your next boyfriend
  • Sexy, not bitchy — the importance of calibrated teasing
  • The unspoken (but most important) word: Body language
  • How to use these techniques in online dating
  • The importance of figuring out your “Hell No”s and “Must Have”s
  • What Hot Guys find attractive

Screw Cupid is the guide for every woman ready to take her dating life into her own hands. Samantha Scholfield, writer and dating coach, has many years of dating experience, and the techniques and strategies she reveals here were developed via extensive trial and error — and by consulting and collaborating with hundreds of women (and many men), and by refining the best of the extensive pickup advice that already circulates among men.

The result? Perfectly calibrated guidance on how to initiate conversation — anytime, anywhere — and get right to a date, all without the guy knowing he’s being picked up.


Screw Cupid US Cover

ISBN13: 978-1-61519-000-3
Trade Paperback
240 pp, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4

Published in the US by The Experiment, LLC

Screw Cupid German Edition Screw Cupid UK Edition Screw Cupid Brazil Edition

Screw Cupid will be released in Germany (the Egmont, Fall 2009), in the U.K./Australia and New Zealand (Constable & Robinson, Spring 2010), and in Brazil (Bestseller/Record, TBD publication date)